Welcome to my site for RG Custom Tackle. My love of fly fishing started in true upstate NY in the Adirondacks.  I will say this as long as I live that if you can fly fish the Adirondacks you can fly fish anywhere.  Growing up in a rural town in upstate NY I learned the nuances, techniques and discipline it takes to fly fish in ponds that see a handful of fishermen a year if they are lucky. You learn the art of fly fishing where those old native trout are smart and will turn their noses at anything that doesn’t look “just right.”

I learned at a very early age the art of fly tying on these same waters. I learned as some people call them now the old time or old school values of fly tying. I employ all of these valuable lessons in the flies that I produce.

I get asked a lot at fly shows and on the water what is the best fly to use. I always answer those questions the same way. The one the fish wants. I have always used the same approach when it comes to fishing new bodies of water. There are some flies you will always see in my fly box. I always carry house flies, mosquitos, epoxy ants, San Juan worms and variations and of course the Adams family.